Hello, I'm Ken.


I design digital things

I'm a UX designer and I enjoy making things people like to use. I've been working at this for over a decade, first from Chicago and now in Boston.

I've worked on a great number of things. I've designed retail sites that process billions of dollars in sales annually. I've built a social media app that lets users discover content in physical locations that launched at SXSW. I've redesigned a leading insurance company's customer portal to make managing coverage and money easier. I've lead design for a hugely successful fantasy sports gaming platform (DraftKings).

I am passionate about building smart, talented design teams. Putting in place first the culture, then the effective processes lead to outsized success.



Sometimes I write things

I write frequently/infrequently about the intersection of UX, Product, and the process of building things. Most of my work can be found on Medium.

Below are several posts I think represent my thinking on these topics.