Samples of my work

I've designed a lot of different things. I've worked on a number of ecommerce sites, built apps for both professionals and gamers, and even designed an in-store kiosk. Most recently I've been leading UX design at DraftKings, played by millions of people daily.

Below are several projects of which I'm especially proud. Each is interesting to me in a unique way. 

Liberty Mutual RightTrack

project leadership | ux research | creative direction | agile

Liberty Mutual asked us to build a safe driving app that helped users understand their driving behavior and through that improve. And improvement earned insurance discounts for users.


Staples Advantage Mobile

ux design | user research | product design

Staples is the 3rd largest online retailer in the United States. We were asked to design a tailored customer experience to support b2b users.


ux design | product development | prototyping | project leadership

An internal project at Sapient, we set about developing our own social media app that leveraged geo-location. We launched at SXSW.


McGraw-Hill Education

project leadership | ux design | prototyping

McGraw-Hill Education was looking to transform how education materials are bought,  sold, and consumed. We designed a responsive, single online point of sale to support a diverse audience that will scale into the 21st century. 


Boston Made

UX Design| Visual Design|  marketing|  Side hustle

Boston Made is a side project I did in 2016. It’s a a way of expressing pride in being and building from Boston. A badge startups can display to proclaim their New England roots.


Looking for more?

Some of my older stuff is available at Behance.



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