I'n 2016 I've been making an effort to write more and publish regularly. My goal is to share more ideas, but also to use writing as a way to think through various design and product challenges I encounter or have been considering. I find it helpful, and plan to continue doing more of it.

Please check out my blog for recent posts. I publish most of those pieces to Medium as well.

I've selected a few posts to highlight below. I welcome any comments or thoughts you might have.



Product Development is not the same as client work

- Published On Medium -

I wrote this story after we wrapped up work on Dropcast. It was such a different experience for me from "typical" agency projects that I wanted to capture my thoughts. It was this experience on Dropcast that set me to thinking about product design and how to improve the quality of the work through process.



Good UX / Bad Business

- Published on Medium -

I confess that I wrote this post after a particularly rough day at the office. However, the frustration is rooted in a very real problem. There is an inherent relationship between the business rules and the user experience. Or to put it more succinctly - users don't care why you came up with your business rules. The user experience can't be designed irregardless of those business rules. This post was my attempt to explore this relationship.



The New Customer Journey: Think Value not touchpoint

- Published on the MITX Blog -

Too often in designing sites and apps, we (meaning the Business) think about how the user can help us. This is backwards. We can create much better experiences - and provide real value to our users - by reversing that thinking.  Start first with how we can help users. All good things will follow.