Today is Super Tuesday. Election day! This morning I dropped my daughters off at daycare and then went to vote. I took a later boat (I commute to work on a ferry – it’s awesome). While waiting to leave the dock, a lady sat down next to me: “Oh look, you’ve already voted! I need to do that.” She had seen my “I Voted Today!” sticker on my jacket.

We talked about whether there was a wait at the polls (there wasn’t) and what time they closed (we thought it was 7pm; turns out it’s 8pm). She was excited about doing her civic duty, and said she would vote later that night.

Once in the city I headed to Starbucks, as I do every morning. Stepping up to the barista, a big smile came over her face: “You just reminded me!” she spread her arms in a happy, excited manner, “I almost forgot; need to go vote today.”

She then took my order – a grande iced coffee and a blueberry muffin. She comped me the muffin (thank you!).

Watching the news we tend to get the impression that all things are dire and serious foul things are afoot. The other side hates us and will lead us to ruin. Conservatives and Liberals should just form their own countries away from each other. It’s pretty dire.

It struck me today how happy people were to be voting. No one asked “Whom are you voting for?” No one tried to influence anyone else. I felt a genuine sense of community among everyone I interacted with today. This is not the feeling one gets following election coverage.

I have nothing profound to say about all of this. I just wanted to note that I felt kinship with my fellow Americans today and that is a good thing. Despite all the doom and gloom that always leads, I think the country is filled with good, well-meaning people. We’re going to be alright.

If you haven’t yet, go vote.